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Hello, and welcome to the Creative Page! Lets start off with the basic information.

To access creative simply run /warp creative to teleport to the creative world (or use the warps menu). Once there, please take a few minutes to read all of the holograms located in the spawn before getting started. Along with that, it is recommended that you read the information below to have a full understanding and knowledge of the creative world and it's features/limitations.

If you still have any questions after reading this information, just ask staff in-game, we're happy to help!

Number of plots

By default, Guest and Member players may claim 1 plot, and Trusted and above may claim 2 plots.

Purchasing more

All ranks may purchase up to 4 additional plots either through the /VPS (150 vp each) or the server store. ($3 each). You do not have to purchase all 4 from one place, but the cap is 4 extra in total however you choose to purchase them.


Executing /vps while in the creative world opens up the creative-specific VPS. The creative VPS contains:

  • Purchasable plots (150vp)

Redstone and entity limitations

Each plot may have up to 50 total entities (entities are things like armor stands, item frames, and mobs), which includes 10 mobs (e.g. 50 item frames and no mobs or 40 item frames and 10 cows). If you have a justified reason to need a higher limit, simply put in a ticket to request help from a staff member and they will be happy to raise the limit within a reasonable amount.

Redstone does not work when the plot is unoccupied. Large and/or continuous circuits/contraptions can result in access removal/bans.

WorldEdit and VoxelSniper

We have given everyone access to WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, which are plugins that allow you to change blocks on a massive scale via commands. If you do not have any experience with these plugins, please watch tutorials on youtube for them. If you crash or severely lag the server, your access to these commands will likely be revoked. With great power comes great responsibility. Please don't abuse it.

See the commands page for WorldEdit and VoxelSniper commands and wikis.


If you wish to save your work, you can request a download of your plot from a staff member with /dlrequest. You can use this schematic on other servers with WorldEdit installed or in singleplayer with Forge and the WorldEdit mod. Later, if you wish to restore your plot, you can use /plot schematic paste url:<key>, the key being the string of characters in the URL between the key= and &ip. It will set your plot to the same state it was in when the staff member made the download.

Downloads will only be given for plots that have considerable progress in them.


Who owns my build? We give you the ability to request a download of your plot because your work is your work. However we retain the unlimited right to use (including copying and modifying) anything built on our server for any purpose (including but not limited to minigame maps, warps, and promotional content).

What does that mean? Simple. You own it. But we can make a copy of it, change it up to fit our needs and use it at any time. If we like your build it could be a new spawn, a future warp or a mini-game map. It might appear in videos or screenshots to promote Project Eden. Whatever we feel like doing with it. We won't pay you for them or anything like that; but, we will give you credit for your builds.