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Welcome to Project Eden's Wiki!


Project Eden is a community-based Minecraft survival server. We try to keep the survival feeling alive, with the exception of a few "Quality of life" functions, such as our player-driven Economy and mcMMO. Player-vs-player combat is off by default and griefing is not allowed, allowing you to focus on surviving and building amazing things. We also have a large variety of Minigames which offer a fun way to relax and have fun with your friends. You can get some cosmetic collectibles for winning minigames, but it's important to remember that having fun with your friends should be your number one priority.

Above all else, the most important thing to us is our community. We take pride in the friendly community we have fostered and we're confident you'll find a new friend or two playing on our server. With a focus on community comes our guaranteed protection of griefing and raiding. If you ever find your lovely home damaged by someone else, all you have to do is put in a /ticket and a staff member will be around shortly to undo the damage. PvP is also off by default, though you're free to turn it on if you want to have a friendly battle with your friends. Overall, Project Eden is a very peaceful server. If that's what you're looking for, then you've found your perfect server.



Now, about the server itself. Lets start off with some FAQ.

What is McMMO?

McMMO is a plugin that allows you to level up certain skills in Minecraft such as mining, fishing, archery, and more. As you continue to level up, you will receive certain perks while using this skill (like getting more ore when mining). Check out the McMMO page for more in-depth explanation of McMMO and it's features.

Is McMMO nerfed?

Yes, McMMO has been heavily nerfed from its default configuration, as we are a survival server. There are still benefits for higher levels, however they will not entirely change the survival gameplay. For more information check the page McMMO page.

Where can I start building? How do I claim land?

Anywhere! Our world is open to building, just find a spot you like and start building! This includes creating towns/cities.

How do I protect my land and chests?

Project Eden uses two plugins to help you protect your stuff, and also a plugin that can protect your /sethomes. Read about them here. But don't worry, if you are griefed, make a ticket and a staff member will quickly fix it for you. Griefing is not allowed!

How can I allow someone to use my chests, doors, etc?

Use /cmodify <playername>

What ranks are there? Can I be staff?

Our server has a progressive rank system; in other words, you cannot skip ranks. You have to prove to us that you deserve to be staff by working your way through the ranks. This is how we measure maturity and make sure you will help the server grow, provide a good experience for our new members, and that you won't abuse your powers. You must play on the server for at least three months to be considered for staff.

How big is the world?

The world has a square border, with a radius of 7,500. Check out bluemap for a better visual.

What difficulty is the server on?


Ugh!! Rain!!

Get Optifine or do /rainoff

What is there to do?

Endless things. Minecraft is, and always has been, a "Sandbox" game. Fire up that old imagination of yours and go build something spectacular. The possibilities are endless. And don't worry if you're not a good builder, you can also become rich using our economy system. And on top of that all, you can make friends. Who knew that survival wasn't so boring after all?.... We did!

Teamspeak? Mumble?

Project Eden uses a different VoIP application called Discord - Read about it here.

Is there a creative world?

Yes! Check it out here!

Other Pages

Topics that contain a lot of information have separate pages - you can find links to them here or on the sidebar.


To have such a peaceful server, there needs to be rules in place to keep everyone acting appropriately. Please follow the rules listed below to keep the server fun for everyone. This list can be accessed ingame with /rules

These rules are subject to change at any time (and probably will quite often)

Global rules

These rules apply to all connected programs, including but not limited to the ones listed individually below

  1. Staff's ruling is final
  2. Be respectful to all players, and do not cause problems
  3. On all non-Minecraft programs, your username should be something similar to your in-game name
  4. No excessive swearing, spamming or overusing caps, or bypassing the censor
  5. Use common sense
  6. Do not do a staff member's job if they are available to do it themselves
  7. No inappropriate content
  8. No ban evading (that includes using Discord). Appeal at
  9. Keep heavily opinionated and political arguments out of public chats
  10. Streaming/YouTubers are welcome under 3 conditions: 1) Do not bring a large (~30 or more) amount of players simultaneously; 2) You, the streamer, and all your followers must follow all the rules; 3) If a large percentage of your followers do not comply with the rules, we may ban you and any people associated with your stream
  11. Do not impersonate others
  12. No advertising
  13. English only in public chats. Use local/PM for other languages
  14. Report all bugs and exploitable features, and do not abuse them
  15. Do not call out vanished staff members
  16. Don't make fun of or correct other people's typos
  17. No alt accounts

Survival rules

  1. No griefing, stealing, or raiding. If you don't have permission from the owner, don't touch it. This includes farms. If it isn't marked as public, don't farm and replant
  2. No killing other players using game mechanics or death traps. (drowning, spleef, suffocation, etc)
  3. Do not create lag using Minecraft mechanics. This includes but is not limited to AFKing for many hours at a grinder, excessive redstone machinery, permanently loading chunks, massive amounts of entities, and so on
  4. No AFK farms that level up mcMMO, earn KillerMoney, or prevent you from being marked as AFK
  5. Be considerate of other and future players when exploring the worlds/raiding generated structures.
  6. No hacking or mods that provide an unfair advantage in survival gameplay. Use /modcheck if you are unsure
  7. No random 1x1 towers/holes, block spam or obscene structures/skins
  8. The staff have the right to use & modify all builds produced on the server

Minigame rules

  1. Poor sportsmanship including but not limited to whining, gloating, or scum-bagging will not be tolerated
  2. Use the Minigame channel for minigames
  3. If you suspect something should be changed or removed, report it
  4. Do not use hacks, mods, external programs or exploits that give you an advantage, including hitboxes
  5. Spawn trapping/camping/killing will not be tolerated
  6. Do not say who the murderer is in Murder if you are dead

Creative rules

  1. All survival rules apply, especially numbers 3, 4, 7 and 8
  2. Other people's plots will not be moved to allow you to merge multiple plots. If you wish to be able to merge plots, travel at least 10 plots away from spawn
  3. Do not claim a plot next to someone who is not near spawn without permission. Give people their space
  4. Your plot is your responsibility. Don't add people you don't trust

OneBlock rules

  1. All survival rules apply, especially numbers 2 and 3
  2. Your island is your responsibility. Don't add people you don't trust

Discord rules

  1. No @mentioning everyone or someone specifically for unnecessary reasons
  2. Use the channels for their intended purpose
  3. Do not troll, make annoying noises, or otherwise intentionally disrupt a voice chat
  4. No excessive pictures/memes in chat

QueUp rules

  1. No songs over 6 minutes in length without approval of other listeners
  2. No trolly, obscene or insulting songs
  3. Don't complain or say you don't like a song

Wiki rules

  1. Only edit information if you're absolutely 100% sure it's correct. Get an opinion from a staff member if you're unsure
  2. Do not create unneeded pages, write unnecessary or 'for fun' information
  3. Do not write advanced/complicated information in sections geared towards users
  4. Use proper/professional grammar and wiki markup
  5. Do not delete information without approval

Requesting Staff Help

One of the main reasons the server runs so smoothly is because of the Staff. They are all ready to help you with whatever you need. If you ever need help from a staff member, simply make a ticket with the command /ticket <message>. It does not matter if no staff members are online, as the tickets are saved until a staff member closes them. Please make a ticket at the location of the incident, if there is one. For example, if you are killed by someone, make the ticket as close to the spot you were killed as you can. Screenshots are also extremely helpful when what you are ticketing is chat-related.

If you were griefed, please don't touch anything, and make a ticket immediately. Leaving everything the way it was makes it easier for staff members to take appropriate action against the griefer. If you are unsure of what to do, please use the command /ivebeengriefed ingame.

Example tickets/reports

/ticket I was griefed - missing my enchantment table and bookshelves
/ticket KillerBear drowned me and stole my items while I was AFK
/ticket MeanieBear was harassing me, threatening to grief me.
/ticket HackerBear confessed to me that they are using a hacked client. <screenshot link>

Applying for Moderator

Project Eden's staff is essential to the server. Without our dedicated staff members, the server would not, and could not, be what it is today. Do you want to become part of that team, and give new players the same welcoming experience you got when you joined for the first time, if not even a better one? We'd love to have you!

A moderator's number one priority is keeping the server running smoothly. They fix grief, answer any questions a player might have, control chat, and settle disputes. Moderators must be well-tempered, patient, kind, helpful, and have to be extremely familiar with how the server works. However, moderators also are expected to participate in behind-the-scenes server development, whether that be providing opinions in the staff chat about new features or how to reform an old one, relaying feedback about how the server can improve from a player's perspective, and many other development related tasks. You must also be very active in the community and plan to continue that trend into the foreseeable future. If you feel you are ready to take on the position of Moderator, please apply using the template found below.

There's only one requirement to apply for moderator - You must be the Trusted rank or higher.

You can apply for moderator here

Applying for Builder

Builder is one of the most coveted ranks on Project Eden. It comes with many abilities and responsibilities, such as the ability to fly and use the creative game mode, have access to staff chats, as well as other useful commands like /tppos.

As a builder, you are expected to help out and create builds and features for the server, things like new minigame maps, server themed events, spawn and hub points, etc. You need be able to work with others via Discord, as well as work independently. Many of our existing Builders and Architects are in very different time zones, so the ability to coordinate projects is a must as well.

Generally, the things we are looking for in build quality are things such as good use of a variety of blocks and textures, a dimensionality to your builds (not just flat boxes), and overall wow-factor.

In order to be considered for the rank of Builder, you must first achieve the in-game rank of Trusted, and then apply with a list of completed builds you have done here on Project Eden. Builds from other servers may not be considered. To be eligible, a player must have completed at least 3 of the following (3 points):

  1. Getting first, second, or third place in a build competition - 1 point.
  2. One creative build, at least 75% complete - 1 point
  3. If you have created a warp or minigame map, that counts as 1 point. Speak to a staff member if you wish to have a creative plot considered for a minigame map
  4. Survival or One Block build, at least 75% complete - 2 points

If you have achieved the rank of Trusted, you can apply for Builder here

Invite Rewards

Want to be rewarded for bringing your friends to Project Eden? Well you're in luck, because you can!

  • Step 1: Find Project Eden. Love it.
  • Step 2: Invite your friend
  • Step 3: Earn Member rank while your friend plays for at least one hour
  • Step 4: Run /invited <your friends name> and have your friend click "Yes"
  • Step 5: Player who invited friend receives 15 VPS


Discord allows you to voice chat with other players from our server. You can meet your friends there, talk in real time, and get to know them better. You can also have chat conversations with other players that are offline, so you can get messages across to people who play in different time zones. If you already know how to use Discord, you can connect to it here. Please keep in mind that using Discord (especially the voice chat) is completely your choice. If you are nervous or uncomfortable using it, that's totally okay!

How to get Discord

You can either use the web client or download the desktop applications.

You can also download the free app on iOS and Android devices.

Live Map

Project Eden uses BlueMap to generate a pre-loaded google-maps type map of the overworld. It is updated relatively quickly, hence the "live" part.

If you want to share your build using the map, use /maplink to get a link to your current location on the live map, or find your player head on the map and copy the url to get your locations link.

Check out the live map by going to

Colors & Formats

Color codes can be used on signs. To change the color of the text, use the & plus the specific number/letter that corresponds to the color you want. For example, &aText would become Text. You can find a list of all the color and format codes here or using /colors in-game.