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Each player starts out with $500 to build their empire. Players can invest in the economy to receive assorted goods, use services like Animal Teleportation Pens, sell their good for profit, and more.

Making Money

The server boasts many ways to make money for various game play styles. Common ways include:

  • Selling items in the /market
  • Selling items to other people. There are three ways to do this:
  • Killing mobs
  • Work for other players
  • Vote for the server
    • Redeem vote points on money
    • Become a top monthly voter for bonus rewards including money
  • Win events


Each time you kill a mob, you get a small amount of ranging between $0.50 and $2.00. The few exceptions are:

  • Guardians have a range of $0.50 and $4.00
  • Elder Guardians have a range of $20 and $100
  • Ender Dragon has a range of $50 and $150
  • Ghasts have a range of $3 and $10
  • Squids have a range of $1 and $3

You can buy a temporary money boost in the vote store. Boosts may also be applied server-wide as a reward for reaching our vote goal.


The most active part of Project Eden's economy is the player-to-player trades. Each player may set up their own shop and allow people to view and purchase from it using our /shops system.

Running the command opens up a GUI menu. Here you can: browse the market, browse shops, browse items, search items and view your own shop.

Browse Market

Clicking this will allow you to view the server's market, or 'admin store'. Purchases here are not made to or from any players.

Browse Shops

Clicking this will allow you to limit your interaction to only viewing player shops. This is a helpful feature as you can limit your purchases to a specific player. Each player shop is displayed with the shop owners player head and in game name which is coloured by rank, making it easy to identify different player's shops. As well as this, the stock for that store is displayed, followed by an optional shop description under the name. Like the market, clicking on a players head will show the items they have listed available for purchase.

Browse Items

Clicking this will allow you to view every item that is for sale, including the market.

Your shop

After clicking this you will see 6 items (not including the back button) along the top of the GUI menu; preview your shop, set shop description, add item, shop history, collect items and balance.

Preview your shop

Clicking this allows you to view your shop as though you were another player purchasing from it. It's helpful for seeing whether you setup your shop correctly and as you intended.

Set shop description

Clicking this brings up a sign that you can write on to set a description for your shop. Colour codes work here!

Add item

Here you add your desired item by placing it onto the black stained glass. You can choose whether you would like to list it for:

  • Sell - allowing players to purchase the item from you
  • Buy - letting other players sell that desired item to you in exchange for your money
  • Trade - allowing players to trade an item in exchange for the one you've listed

You can increase or decrease the amount of the listed item using the glass panes either side. After you can specify a price by clicking the gold ingot.

  • Listing an item for 0.001 or lower will automatically round to 0. Inputting this amount will list your item as being free (meaning a currency exchange is not required to obtain this item.)
  • Note: The price cannot be any higher than the maximum number of characters on a single sign line.

When you are done, click the concrete powder to be taken to the next page. Here you can add or remove stock. The GUI menu for this works similar to chest, however it will only accept items matching the one that you have listed. You can choose whether you would like the item to be purchasable or not. This feature is mainly for shop organisation, for example: using glass panes to separate items into categories. As well as this, you can choose whether to enable or disable hiding the item from public view. You can edit your listings so this feature is useful for temporarily hiding an item that is low on stock.

The final option is to delete it, cancelling/removing the current listing. Clicking the back button will update your shop, adding your new item.

Shop history

Shows your transaction history for shops. This includes all of your sales and purchases.

Collect items

This menu allows you to collect items that players have sold to your shop.


Hovering over this will display your current balance.


A full list of economy commands can be found here.