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Survival is Project Eden's main world and features a vast amount of unique features, quality of life changes, and a constant supply of new content sure to keep you engaged. If you'd like to view the other worlds, check out our worlds page.


Project Eden strives to provide the vanilla Minecraft experience while still adding "Quality of life" features to make things easier and more entertaining. In the survival world, we have multiple custom features which you can find listed on this page.

Protection (LWC and Homes)

Main Article: Protection

We offer several types of protections on the server. All inventory blocks like chests and furnaces are automatically locked, and homes can be locked to only allow specific users to use them.


Main Article: Economy

The server has a custom economy that can be used to buy items in survival from the market and from other players, use services like Animal Teleportation Pens, and more.

Resource World

This is a world that is regenerated to a new, random seed at the beginning of every month. Within the resource world, you can decimate biomes, raid generated structures (yes, that includes the end), and otherwise destroy the world to your hearts content, since the damage left in your wake will just disappear the next month. The resource world also has a +50% mob spawn rate, this allows for there to be a challenge but also the option to sleep and skip it. The darkness is dangerous so make sure to take a bed with you every time you enter.

Additionally, within the resource world, there is a separate /market that buys a lot of non-auto-farmable items for a much higher price than the main world market, making it an easy way to make money. Because of this, any blocks that are sold in the market will not be allowed to enter the world with your inventory, you must collect those blocks in the resource world, and sell them before you leave with them.

You can access this world via /warp resource or the survival warps menu.


Main Article: McMMO

This server uses a plugin called mcMMO which implements leveling system for various skills in the game, such as mining and fishing. Leveling up these skills unlocks new abilities, and reaching the max level allows you to get special items.

Daily Rewards

Every day you login and play, you can claim a daily reward. Do /dailyrewards and click on the green numbers to claim your rewards. Use the barriers and arrows to navigate the menu. You can choose between 3 rewards each day.

The awards get more special as you increase your streak. Not logging in for a day (once between midnight to midnight Eastern US time) will set your streak back to 0. Use /dailyrewards top to see the longest running streaks.

Rewards are currently supported up to day 100.

Custom Crafting Recipes

With 1.13, tons of custom crafting recipes to make survival much more user-friendly. Use /customrecipes to view them all.

Functional Recipes

We've recently implemented various utility recipes that provide a better survival experience. You can now craft an Infinite Bucket of Water, a Diamond Totem of Undying that works from anywhere in you inventory, a Backpack that works as a portal shulker box, and an Invisible Item Frame that only renders the item you put inside it.

Quality of Life Recipes

All slabs can now be crafted back into their original block form.


This also works for quartz, ice, stone bricks, sandstone, and nether wart.

Animal Teleport Pens

Main Article: Animal Teleport Pens

If you're traveling across the world and want to bring your animals with you, then these teleportation pens will become your good friend.

Survival PVP

By default, PVP is disabled on the server. However, sometimes you want to have a respectful fight with your friends, which is why you can PVP with other players in the survival world using /pvp [on|off]

If you die, you will keep your inventory on death. However, you can toggle this off for higher stakes fights with /pvp keepInventory.

Mail System

The Mail System allows us to deliver items to you while you are offline, have a full inventory, are in another world, and more. Any deliveries from us will be marked as ‘Server’. You can also send deliveries to other players yourself! Using the command /mail send <player> to send a message to a player, after entering that command you will be prompted with a message asking you if you would like to send any items as well, to send them you simply need to click on the message in chat and follow from there. To check your deliveries, use the command /mail box which lets you view any mail you may have!


Due to new players get directed to extremely powerful enderman farms where they can easily max out their armor and tools with little to no effort, Project Eden has designed a system to control access to them. Enderman spawning has been disabled by default in areas where farms are made. You can still make your own enderman farm, but it will not work until you submit a ticket to have staff enable your farm. Afterwards, you can manage who has access to your farm with /endfarm <add|remove> <player>, adding up to 5 people.

Wither Arena

Main article: Wither

To fight the wither, you must venture to our Wither Arena, where only the toughest challengers survive.