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Minigames are small games inside of the game Minecraft. They are uniquely developed in-house with player enjoyment in mind. To join a minigame, head to the /gamelobby and right click one of the minigame signs.


Main Article: Commands#Minigames

To manually join a minigame via commands, you can use /mgm join <arena>. To quit, use /mgm quit, or right click a quit sign in the minigame's lobby.


Tokens are a unique currency found only in the game world and are given as a reward for performing well in minigames. Winning most minigame gives you a 1 in 2 chance of of receiving tokens. Players receive 5-10 tokens at a time (with a max of 20 tokens per day). These tokens can be spent on Minigame Collectibles which are assorted cosmetic items you can wear in the game lobby and in most minigames. These include particle effects, custom hats, arrow trails, and more. There's also a 1 in 50 chance at the end of every minigame that one very lucky player will get a random collectible!

For nerds, the chance of getting tokens is 1 / (2 * (highestScore - yourScore + 1)). Scores are actually calculated using a hidden variable which attempts to track all actions that help your team. Currently, this just includes various flag-related events in #Capture the Flag like grabbing the flag or killing someone with the flag.

Minigame Night

Minigame night is an event that occurs every Saturday from 4-6 PM eastern time. Players from all different time zones come together to enjoy minigames as a large group. This brings our community together and provides a great experience to enjoy the server's minigames together. It's amazing how close you get to someone that you hack to pieces ;). Overall, it's a fun time, and a great chance for members of the community to interact with each other. At the end of the night, we put NPCs of the MVPs of the night on stands, then take a screenshot to commemorate the week.


The server has many unique gamemodes for all types of gameplay, from combat to spleef to arcade games. The following is a complete list of all gamemodes.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a game where two teams face off against each other in a classic fight to the death. The first team to reach the winning score takes the crown. An alternative version of the gamemode exists which pits four teams against each other for larger groups of people.

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Flag, both teams are trying to rush to the other team's base to steal the flag while also keeping defenders on guard to protect their own flag. To grab a flag, you must right click it with an empty hand, then bring it back to your base and capture it the same way. This gamemode involves a lot more planning and strategy than the straightforward killing presented in gamemodes like team deathmatch. Tactics vary between arenas.

One-Flag Capture the Flag

One-Flag Capture the Flag is a variation of Capture the Flag which only has one flag in the center of the map. One team must grab that flag and carry it over to the enemies' base to capture it by right clicking the capture sign with an empty hand.


Siege is a variation of Capture the Flag which simplifies the goals of the teams. One team defends their flag while the other attempts to steal it to capture in their own base.


In Infection, Survivors must take shelter inside nooks and crannies littered throughout the map to survive the horde of Infected for roughly ten minutes. When a Survivor dies, they join the Infected in the hunt for Survivors. Survivors win by living until the round ends while infected win by killing all the survivors.

Warning: Make sure to follow our minigame rules on proper sportsmanship. If you become Infected, don't hunt down survivors whose locations you learned as a survivor unless their locations have been found by another Infected or they are the last survivors.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a variant of Infection in which the Survivors have taken upon the appearance of blocks and are hiding amongst the many other blocks on the map. The gamemode plays a lot like Prop Hunt, though in this version the survivors become hunters upon death.


In this hidden role game, one of your peers has become a murderer. They've been given a knife and are tasked with killing the villagers. They must act quick, as the villagers can pick up 10 scrap to craft a gun, and one lucky villager even spawns with a gun. If the murderers takes too long, suspicious will quickly rise as the villagers wonder why you haven't crafted a gun yet. So be quick, be stealthy, and don't get caught sprinting!


One player spawns as Juggernaut whose goal is to kill as many players as they can to get points. Everyone else must attempt to kill the Juggernaut to become the Juggernaut, beginning the cycle anew.

Free for All

As the name implies, Free for All players have one simple goal: kill everyone in sight. The first fighter to reach the required score wins.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a variant of Free for All in which every player gets only one life. This gamemode requires lots of strategy with determining when to run away from an enemy, who to attack, and more.

1 versus 1

1 versus 1 is a variant of Free for All. Two players enter, one reigns supreme.

Mob Arena

Note: This gamemode is currently disabled.

In Mob Arena, players work as a team to fight off the incoming horde of monsters. Each player may pick their own kit at the start of the game which suit different play styles- melee fighters, archers, magic users, etc.


Based off the hit game with the same name, players enter a Free for All arena in which they have just one weapon: their Railgun. Right clicking with this powerful weapon will instantly fire a bullet straight forward, killing everyone in its path. Be steady with your shots as the gun takes a moment to reload!


Paintball is a Minecraft version of the real life activity of paintball. Players get several stacks of snowballs which they throw at enemies to instantly kill them upon making contact. The first team to get a certain number of points wins.

One in the Quiver

One in the Quiver is a gamemode where every player gets a wooden sword, a bow, and one arrow. The bow instantly kills every person it hits. When you get a kill, you get another arrow.


Parkour is a single-player game where players jump on blocks to get to the end of a course.


X-Run is a variant of Parkour in which players are given a very high speed effect, greatly increasing the difficulty in maneuvering the course. It is a popular gamemode to speedrun in which players compete for the fastest time.


Mazes are a single-player gamemode in which players attempt to find their way through the maps to reach the end.


Spleef, being one of the first Minecraft minigames, is rather simple. Players attempt to dig out blocks from underneath their opponent to dunk them off the stage. The last person alive wins.


Splegg is a variation of Spleef where players get a shovel that can fire eggs. Yes, it's weird, just live with hit. The eggs from the shovel break the blocks that they hit, which is how you'll kill people.


TNT Run is a lot like spleef but with the rule set of soccer/football: you can't use your hands! The floor disappears behind you as you walk, so be careful not to fall in any holes!


In dogfighting, players get elytras which allow them to fly through the air and an automatic gun to kill their enemies. The guns have no reload, meaning you just need to pick a target and fire away.

Pixel Painters

The goal of pixel painters is simple: copy a piece of pixel art block-for-block. You'll be shown an image, given all of its blocks, and tasked with reassembling the image. The fastest players receive extra points. The person with the most points at the end of 5 rounds wins.


In Thimble, players are placed on a diving board and tasked with leaping into a pool without hitting one of the solid blocks. The game features three variants:

Thimble: Classic

In this classic rule set, players just get one point for successfully landing in the water. The players with the most points at the end win.

Thimble: Risk

In this spicer version of the game, players get one bonus point for each solid block next to their landing location on top of their usual one point for landing successfully in the water. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Thimble: Last Man Standing

In arguably the hardest variant of Thimble, most of the board is filled with solid blocks. Your goal is simple: survive. Each player only has one life and must last as long as they can.


Players alternate turns trying to be the first to get four of their pieces in a row.


Players alternate turns trying to be the first to get three of their pieces in a row.

Death Swap

In Death Swap, players are spawned in random locations on a survival world. For the first five minutes, every player gets as many materials and resources as they can. Beginning at 5 minutes, players will randomly swap locations every 1 to 2 minutes. The goal of the game is to setup a trap to kill another player as they teleport.


Ready... take aim... fire! Enjoy target practice in this simple game of shooting targets.

Hole in the Wall

A wall is slowly flying at you but is missing quite a few blocks! Place down glass in the same location as the holes to score points.


In this childhood classic, you place five ships on your board at the start of the game. From then on, your goal is to find and destroy your opponent's ships by firing into their seas.

Pixel Drop

In this Pictionary-like game, players try to guess what image is being formed as blocks drop down from the sky. Type your answers in chat and try to be the first to identify the artwork.


Communication is crucial in any form of team-based game modes. To properly communicate with your team, you should join the /discord server. If you're in the discord server's minigame call, a message will pop up when going into teams giving you the option to enter your teams own call.

Capture the Flag

  • Always make sure your flag is properly defended by at least one or two teammates.
  • If a player carrying the flag falls off the map, it will fall down to the ground and not return for a minute. During this time, the team whose flag has dropped can push hard on their offense since they have no flag to defend. The opposing team should then strengthen their defenses, or send a player or two to hide in the enemy's base until the flag respawns to grab the flag while they're all gone.


Infection is primarily about hiding and seeking. The Infected are a lot faster and stronger than the Survivors are. Though it is possible to fight the infected, it's recommended that you don't to improve your chances of survival. Hiding provides better results. If necessary, it is recommended that you use your bow which can one-hit kill Infected when fully charged, though comes with limited ammunition. Swords can work too in a pinch if you're a good spam clicker.