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Previously, we had Skyblock - a game mode designed to challenge players who find ordinary survival in a resource rich world too easy. You start off with a very limited amount of supplies on a small island floating in the sky, and must complete a series of challenges that will require you to use your resources wisely.

This has since been removed and will return at a later date. In the meantime, we offer the alternative gamemode of OneBlock.

Introducing OneBlock

Skyblock becomes hardcore! You have a single block floating in the sky to gather resources from. Can you scrape together an existence in this new challenge?

Getting started

First, use /oneblock or /ob to create and teleport to an island. You start off by spawning on a single block. You can mine this over and over, and the infinite block slowly upgrades to better blocks, chests and new mobs.

Each level provides a different phase of resources: plains, jungle, nether, end, and many more! To move up a phase you must mine the block a certain amount of times. To view the available phases you can use /ob phases. Similarly, to see how many blocks you have broken, you can use /ob count.

By default, after running /ob you will spawn on the infinite block. If you wish to change this, you can stand at the desire location and type /ob sethome.

Now you can get started with your island. A few important things to remember to do before you start destroying things include:

  • Use bonemeal on the grass to get long grass, and then break the grass to get wheat seeds.
  • Save at least one piece of grass so you can re-grow grass if needed.
  • Make sure you grab a sapling to replant trees.
  • You cannot use commands while falling. To prevent cheating, we have disabled all commands, including teleportation commands, while falling, so be careful not to fall.

Island Level

Islands are "graded" based on the number and quality of blocks placed. All islands start at level. Every level costs 100 points. Most common materials add 1 point per block placed, through some rarer materials are worth more (view how much any given block is worth with /ob value). You can view your islands current level by typing /ob level. As well as this, you can view whose islands are in the top 10 with /ob top.

Be aware that every death lowers your island level by one permanently. There is a cap of 10 deaths - after that additional deaths will not penalize you further.

Resetting your Island

If you make a major mistake (like, turning your lava into obsidian) or grow bored of your current challenge, you can choose to reset your island with /ob reset. This is a major decision that you will be required to confirm. Doing so will reset your inventory and give you back a starting, level 0 island.

Other helpful tips to get started

  • Breaking ice makes water as long as there is a block directly below the ice. To prevent accidental deaths while extending your island, have water flow off the island as you are building. This will create a constant stream of water you can fall into instead of falling into the void.
  • Never ever carry anything you don't need to.
  • Light up everything as you go. Monsters spawn on any block with a light level of 7 or lower. Check the light level of a block, press F3 and look for 'Light: #'

Inviting friends

  • /ob team invite <player> - This will send the player an invite to your team. Note that a person can only be on one 'team' at a time. In order to join someone's island, the player must create their own in order to accept this invite.
  • /ob kick <player> - Remove a player from your 'team'.


View all OneBlock commands here.