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Project Eden has a multitude of events that occur throughout the year. They are uniquely created to give the best player experience possible. Any time an event is active, there will be a message in chat telling you how to get there.


Project Eden's Easter event typically lasts for one to two weeks, and, while not as large as some of the other events (such as Bear Fair or Pugmas), everything provided is still of high quality. Whether it be a questline or egg hunts, there's something to enjoy for everyone!

Bear Fair

Bear Fair is the anniversary event of Project Eden, and is easily the largest event that happens on the server. It typically resembles that of a fair or carnival, with tons of different minigames, quests, and rewards.

Pride Month

Our Pride Event lasts for the entirety of Pride Month, and typically revolves around a singular main questline. It also includes a pride parade, where you get to add an NPC of yourself to floats or the surrounding area!


From a spooky Halloween adventure map, to candies dropping from hostile mobs that you can exchange for rewards, we love to celebrate Halloween! After all, who doesn't love just a little bit of spooky every now and then?


Pugmas is one of Project Eden's main events, typically taking place throughout the entirety of December. It typically has a custom questline to play through, as well as some mini games, an Advent Calendar, and presents scattered around, waiting to be found!

Mini Events

While the events mentioned above are not going on, we typically like to host some smaller-scale events.

Build Contests

While simple in nature, build contests are a great way to let people tap into their creativity, even though a prompt/theme is given for each contest.

Art Contests

Every now and then, we will have an art contest hosted on our Discord. Most of the time, they are for Halloween or even Pride, and the winner(s) will have their art showcased for everyone to see. Sometimes though, we will showcase everyone's art, so that everyone gets a chance to shine.

Event Store

In all of our events, Event Tokens will be given. These tokens are able to be used in the /event store to buy a plethora of cool and fun things, such as:

  • Custom Paintings
  • Decoration Heads
  • Emoji Hats
  • Custom Particle Shapes/Designs
  • Customizable Wing Designs
  • Chat Emojis
  • Custom Note Block Songs
  • Store Credit