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Presences are, in a sense, statuses. They work pretty much the same as Discord statuses work, but in Minecraft.


This presence is the default for anyone playing on the server. It shows up as a green circle next to your name in the tab list.


After going AFK on the server (not moving or chatting for 4+ minutes), your Online presence will turn into an Idle presence. You can toggle this on/off by using the command /afk. It shows up as a yellow semicircle next to your name in the tab list.

Do not Disturb

Do not Disturb is the only presence that does not automatically apply to your account- you must manually turn it on and off using /dnd. Do not Disturb is purely a visual thing, meaning to act as a sign for players not to disturb you. If you wish to mute specific sounds, check out /mutemenu. This presence shows up as a red circle with a black - in the middle of it next to your name in the tab list.


This presence is reserved for Project Eden's official Content Creators. Any time a registered Content Creator starts streaming on the server, their presence will automatically switch to Streaming. It shows up as a purple circle next to your name in the tab list.

More info about Streaming on Project Eden can be found here.

Presence Icons