Voting and Donating

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Please go to the website's vote page for all information on voting.


It takes a lot of money to run the server as well as we do. We do not require our users to donate anything to play, rank up, or anything of that nature. All donation perks are simple, neat rewards that give no real advantage over other players. Some of them, like Vaults, make things easier, however it does not give you an unfair advantage, like a rank would.

Every penny of donations go towards paying for the server's utilities, such as the host computer, the website, the backup server, etc. Nothing is taken for personal use.

We have tried our best to make donations automatic, but sometimes there are problems. If you ever run into a problem with a donation, please wait patiently for an Admin to confirm your donation and manually give you the perks.

You can visit our Donation shop here. Feel free to ask a staff member about a donation perk if you have any questions.

All commands related to donation packs can be found here.